The opposite of a simp. Where a female gives a male more and excessive attention
Dude she is such a pims for Brad
by chillyvacuum February 10, 2020
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If a girl treats a boy with too much respect or becomes obsessed with a boy she likes. Like being a simp, except when a girl basically simps, she is pimsing or being a pims. The plural version of pims is pimes.
Look at how brittany hangs out with that guy. She's a fucking pims
by Nick Gerlips April 11, 2020
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The abbreviation of "purple in minion", meaning that there is a crazy side to everyone. ;)
1) If you're in the prison and you see a bunch of pims and they start snapping at you, you better bounce your ass that way before your ass is grass.
2) Dam that fine pim over there bouta go bonkers.
by minion_ empero69 February 09, 2021
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