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a Ginna is a beautiful girl with no flaws, red hair, and beautiful eyes. You will know if you see a Ginna, because your eyes will be locked on her gloriousness. Angels will sing from the heavens. They will shine their light on you, and you will be enlightened. That will all happen because you saw a Ginna.
I nearly passed out today because I saw one of those world renouned Ginnas!!!! I will never forget her wonderful eyes and fiery red hair.
by UrbanDictionary12345 June 05, 2009
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A combined word meaning both finna and gonna
Kid 1: Man I finna ace this test
Kid 2: Mane stop saying finna, or I'll whoop ya
Kid 1: Fine I GINNA ace this test
by WestCoBro May 27, 2009
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another word to describe an unfortunate person with ginger hair.
oi ginna, dye your hair u gingercripple
by clutch March 27, 2005
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