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The transitive, yet somehow comforting feature that is the foundation of any discount relationship or hookup of last resort.
Don't ever give up on finding 'just the right person' to share you're fucked-up, miserable life with. Take consolation in knowing that for every pig, there's a pig fucker...enjoy.
by YAWA February 26, 2018
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south park.... bigger longer and uncut... said by T
Terrance why did u call me a pig fucker? because u fuck pigs phillip
by apugs July 31, 2004
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One who fucks pigs. As by Terrance defined in South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut
U.S. Senator Robert Byrd is an unabashed pigfucker.
by Abu Gingy June 25, 2005
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A more pejoritve name for a red neck.
"Have you seen what the South Dakota state legislature has done this time?"

"Yup, those pig fuckers have done it again."
by romancingtrain April 29, 2006
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synonym: jihadis
When disciples of that 6th century paedophile reach the afterlife they'll be fucked by virgin pigs, forced to eat bacon of pig fucker, bathe in pig blood, and be slowly flayed while chanting allah not akbar.
by allah pig fucker May 26, 2013
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