A tall, unbelievably sexy man with a massive shlong that all the girls want to bone. He is a meme Lord and an all round awesome guy that anyone would be thankful to be in the presence of.
Devi: Who is that sexy man over there with the massive bulge in his pants?

Rias: That's Pierson, I would totally bone him.
by Totally_Not_Pierson February 21, 2019
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Absolute unit of a man. He stands out from the crowd and is a true alpha male. Only Pierson's are approved units.
Pierson is an absolute unit!
by Mr Gavin Fox November 13, 2019
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Person is the gayest guy on the planet. When he walks into a room you can see the rainbows radiating from him. He makes all the guys swoon for him and he gives the best head a guy can possibly give. His g-spot is his entire anal cavity and he is the most masculine gay guy on the planet.
Elijah "Hey Jude did you hear about Pierson?"
Jude "OHHH YEAH! I heard he gives the BEEEEEST head."
Elijah "Well did you hear that I got head from him?"
Jude "No way! Dude I don't think there has been a single guy he hasn't made gay."
by Emperor_CockBlock November 30, 2019
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The cutest red head with most beautiful blue eyes! He's very sweet and very kind, he just an overall amazing person, and if you have a Pierson, keep him, keep him forever, because you will never find someone so amazing
There is Pierson!
by August 4, 2017
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A all around great guy. He loves video games and a care filled person he also has a friend named mason who has a small pp and pierson has a BIG SHLONG
omg pierson is so hot when he plays video games
by Miner69niner February 24, 2021
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He's sweet , loving, cute and also caring. You are lucky if you have a pierson.
Lola: Man she is lucky to have a Pierson!
by softballgirl26 January 18, 2015
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A woman of 60(as of 2008) who shares the same voice in the musical group, "The B-52's" as she did when they first emerged. Almost twice as attractive as she used to be and adored by almost no young boys today.
A sickness from listening to their music all too much.
Chelsea C : "Daviddddd<3 Did you listen to Funplex!?(Drools)"

David : "Yeah, and now I've Kate Pierson..."
by David the Louse July 25, 2008
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