He's sweet , loving, cute and also caring. You are lucky if you have a pierson.
Lola: Man she is lucky to have a Pierson!
by softballgirl26 January 17, 2015
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obese monkey consisting of lard and hunts brand tomato ketchup. Stalks at night for fine and sometimes not so fine pieces of ass. Known for rolling around in panda feces.
Ex.1 You ate the entire fridge! Stop being a pierson! Ex.2 My mom said you can't cum over, because you were being a pierson* last night

*Jewish Swine
by Mickey Jones September 12, 2008
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The cutest red head with most beautiful blue eyes! He's very sweet and very kind, he just an overall amazing person, and if you have a Pierson, keep him, keep him forever, because you will never find someone so amazing
There is Pierson!
by August 10, 2017
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