A Hindu name translating into the Indian Goddess, Shakti. Shakti meaning strong.
by inluvwithcows November 27, 2009
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Is a Queen and your no.1 hypeman , but has horrible taste in guys .
Thank you for the compliment , but you are being such a Devi , that guy isn't worth my beauty .
by I'm just rlly smart August 17, 2020
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A comic strip character featured in the comic "I Feel Sick" by Jhonen Vasquez. She can also be found in the ever-so-popular "jthm" books, known as "the one that got away"
"I like you immensely Devi, and to prove it, I shall obliterate all of my affection and interest for you."... "I can not hurt what I do not acknowlage."
by InvaderDevi July 17, 2003
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1. To be puffin-like in nature.

2. One who walks in a strange manner by taking three steps, then hoping one, and so on.

3. A synonym for blonde.

4. A cheltenham

5/ A lost case
1/ wtf?,ytf is that devi here now?

2/ Wonder what she got up to last night. She walks like a devi.

3/ This one time, at school camp, I was teaching a class, then realised I was instructing in the wrong room. Talk about a devi moment.

4/ Feeling needy?, try her, She's a devi.

5/ Dude, your exam started two hours ago. Farq your a devi.
by Rax1 November 10, 2004
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