noun: In Lebanon piccolo refers to an amount of money a person pays to the stripper to join his table.
She is hot, open a piccolo
by jad90 May 07, 2013
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1. n. A musical instrument; a small flute.
2. An anti-hero in the dragonball series. He starts off as a bad guy, with evil ambitions to rule the world, however after he kills Goku along with Raditz, and after he trains Gohan, he starts to become one of the good guys.
I play the Piccolo
Kami: Piccolo is my evil counter-part.
by kyle.biddle January 05, 2011
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A character on the show Dragon Ball Z. Originally a bad guy in Dragon Ball, the new Piccolo is the son of the old piccolo and is much nicer, but is still mean. He is a namek, and after fusing with kami he is about as strong as a super saiyan.
Piccolo is the best!
by 1337_shadow February 14, 2005
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A glorious instrument, if played properly and in tune. It takes a master flute player to tread on the ground of the piccolo, only some make it out okay...
What is that glorious noise?
It's Abby, playing the piccolo perfectly in tune and properly.
I didn't think that was possible...
It is quite rare, for the average piccolo player.
by RalphSpelledRalf June 30, 2018
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What you say when something/someone is overly cute or adorable.

Can also be used in reference to an wind instrument.

Tay- So yeah. My boyfriend brought me flowers today.
Amber- Awww, piccolo!

Kid 1- Look at that bunny!
Kid 2- Oooh piccolo!!!
by Taryn, Righ? April 09, 2008
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2 The most fangaurded DBZ Character, also to like him automatically makes you 1337
1.I don't really like piccolo; He didn't do much
2. Omg j00r teh n00b
by Asugar March 25, 2005
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Small, shrill, ear-splitting instrument.

The player is prone to eardrum damage, as well as other instrumentalists within a 100 yard range.
The instrument cannot be tuned.
Often called a "tiny flute."
Hated even by those who play it.
How do you tune two flute? Shoot one.
How do you tune two piccolos? Shoot both of them.
by UnfortunatelyAPiccoloPlayer March 06, 2010
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