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boy or girl, a good looking person who is random, outgoing, normally quite loud and isn't afraid to make friends with everyone in the band. normally one of the loudest people in the marching band, and yet, one of the coolest. (=
Kelsea is an amazing flute player.
by Kelsea Horne November 02, 2008
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Someone who is amazingly awesome. A flute player is always on step, in tune, the smartest of all the sections. he/she always has the perfect instrument angle and always has the prettiest parts. they are just too amazing for the rest of the band to even compare.
summer- "Flutes are SO cool."
kelly- "i know. i wish i played that insanely awesome instrument"
summer- "ugh, trombone sucks"
anna- "I'm a flute player, and I am fabulous at any and all scales, including the chromatic. You all wish you were me."
by Caitlin Hayne December 24, 2012
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A competitive, energetic person who likes the spotlight. Many flute players can be rude but if you find a good one they are sincere and kind. They are also known for giving amazing blowjobs.
The flute player is usually a great partner because they can give amazing blowjobs.
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by Bonniewool342 October 07, 2018
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