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The signature visual element of the tv show, NCIS. When NCIS breaks to and comes back from a commercial, a black and white video image appears of a moment in the episode, accompanied by a noise that sounds like "phoof", hence the name.
The "phoof" sounds like a flashbulb exploding.
by Teresa S October 27, 2009
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The sound you hear when the show NCIS goes to, and comes back from, a commercial.
"She's dead, Gibbs"
*screen goes black and white* PHOOF
by punkminkis September 13, 2009
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The sound one's fart makes after a well hung hobbit destroys your ring.

Puts a whole new meaning to the saying "silent but deadly"
"Your ring piece will be burning like the fires of Mt. Doom by the time i have finished with you!"

"I am the Phoof under the mountain, you shall not pass! (wind)"
by Splurgecentral July 14, 2009
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Kate:"Did you just phoof?"

Alex: "I was on the airplane and let off a righteous phoof, my row wasn't to excited about that."
by pnwskier December 07, 2011
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A device for filtering exhaled pot smoke which eliminates the smell and absorbs resin; usually made from a container stuffed with scented dryer sheets and has two holes- one to exhale into and the other is the "exhaust;"

Initially it was made by using an old papertowel roll tube. You stuffed it full of dryer sheets and put duct tape around it for strength.
"When you take a hit, blow it out through the phoof so it won't stink up the place."
-many weed smokers

"You must use a phoof, if you smoke on campus. It's a tube you blow the smoke through or an exhaust."
-many a college student

"Oh crap she got a big hit, then just started coughing and couldn't even think about using the phoof!"
-Unhappy host
by Lucy Sky Diamond October 16, 2008
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