A bulge in the front of one's pants from the combination of either too large of a phone/too tight of trousers; not necessarily representing an erection, but embarrasing none the less.
I but my Zach Morris phone in my cut-offs and now I have a phoner.
by Dave P. D. September 23, 2005
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Sexual arousal caused by sudden vibrations. Usually accompanied by ridiculous rings tones, need I say more?
Cindy: So then I was all like I'm going to shove my-

*Nigel's cellphone begins to ring in his pants pocket*

Cindy: Are you going to answer that?

Nigel: Answer what?

Cindy: Your phone, it's been ringing for a good 2 minutes....

Nigel: Oh, WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT you're RIGHT! I TOTALLY wasn't even paying attention.

Cindy: Were you getting another one of those BLOODY Phoner's! Nigel I told you to keep your God Damn phone in your jacket pocket I can't believe your getting ONE-On at the dinner table with my parents right beside you.

Nigel: Huh?
by JonFriesAlot April 22, 2011
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phoner, a word describing the look of your cellular phone bulging out of your pocket to look like and erection or boner....
Bro 1:.... "Bro i think i'm hitting you with my phoner..."

Bro 2:"your phone is right there bro....'

moment of ackward silence....

Bro 1:"wait its just my ipod.... LOLS"
by Price Chopper.... July 13, 2009
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A term for the overwhelmingly enjoyable feeling a new cell phone gives you.
My phone is so awesome and cutting edge that I get PHONER every time I use it.
by Histreet February 22, 2012
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When a phone, typically a cellular phone, is in a mans front pocket near his penis and a woman sees it and mistakes it for a boner.
"Wow your boner is huge", "no its just my phoner."
by eke_2010 May 11, 2009
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A Phoner is an awkward boner resulting from accidentally leaving your phone sitting on your junk. When someone subsequently calls, the vibration leads to a Phoner.
Bzzz bzzz bzzz.
John: Dude why the hell do you have a boner right now?
Alex: Someone called me three times and I was too lazy to move. Now I have a massive Phoner.
John: ....
by phoners4days November 28, 2013
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When your phone lodges in your breeches at an awkward or uncomfortable angle, causing a suspicious bulge in the crotchal region. It does not necessarily mean your pants are too tight (a common misconception),and can usually be explained away or even pointed out for a laugh.
Tod: umm... hey, buddy, look south.

Me: Jesus! Dude, i swear it's just a phoner.


"Hey, Everybody, CHECK OUT MY PHONER!"
by youcancontactme August 12, 2008
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