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A bulge in one's pants that is created by a cellular device located in the pocket of said pants.
John had a rather large phoner after forcing an iPhone into his skinny jeans.
by 1011061 September 30, 2012
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The act of achieving an erection while sexting.
Vicky: Did you get that picture I sent you last night?

Michael: Yeah, definitely got a phoner from it.
by Wanny0706 February 09, 2010
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Portmanteau of the words phone and boner.
The distinct bulge that occurs when one wears pants that are too tight, and attempts to store their phone in the pocket of said jeans. Resembles the bulge generated by an erect or semi-erect penis.
"Did you see the phoner Hilary was rocking this afternoon? She looked like Ron Jeremy in emo jeans. "
by Kevin Hazlewood May 20, 2007
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Wearing skinny jeans and having a phone in your pocket. The phone gives a similar appearance to a boner.
Dude! I can see your phoner!
by JMcderp January 18, 2011
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A Phoner is a mistaken boner in your friends pants, which is actually a cell phone that has fallen too far into a front pants pocket( Right or Left) of your friend.
" Dude? are you poppin' a stiffy HERE?"
" Dude, relax, its just a phoner"
by Slick Tricks January 25, 2009
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When a "techy" gets a hard on by viewing of a new cellular device coming into ones marketplace.
"Whoa did you see that new Sony Ericsson? That thing gives me a phoner just thinking about it!!"
by Kevin Ester February 11, 2008
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