Phoenix is a lovely and sweet girl but don't betray her or she will go rage. She is very beautiful and doesn't really give a fuck but is also very caring at the same time. She will be awkward at first but as soon as you get close with her you will never want to leave her side. Very brave girl and tough as fuck, will help you if you need help but she can also be a bitch, but that's only if your a bitch to her.
Damn look at that girls ass
I bet you her names phoenix!
by feet are my thing March 04, 2018
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A sex god. Very attractive and alluring. Someone who is tall and broad, and carries a confidence he is not afraid to show. But once you know him, you find he is actually sweet and kind at the heart.
by Danaa72 May 22, 2017
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Powerful, strong, and graceful. Phoenix is the one all the girls fall for. Though he only has one true soul mate.
Look at Phoenix walking down the hallway with all the girls looking at him. He would be cute with Lauren.
by jewel_ January 02, 2017
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Cursed Minecraft guy.
Also called Rachel McAdams (the literal embodiment of the word perfection).
Casual meme-lord.
Phenomenal YouTuber.
Has weird obsession with chests.

Also the Dev for Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst Minecraft map which you should download and play (else Chester will come for you).
Hey guys it's Phoenix!

Look... Phoenix has broken Minecraft again.
by tron3747 June 08, 2019
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Phoenix is a girl with a big heart ❤️ and lovely smile she is a funny beautiful girl and she is a friend you wish you had
Omg Phoenix is the class clown
Phoenix is such a friend.Other girl-awhh I wish I had a friend like Phoenix .- Other girl nope you won't and never will
by Maddie the awesomeness April 16, 2017
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Typically a blonde male. Who is strong and acts all tough but deep down is actually an emotional person. He can be onry at times but is known to be a wonderful boyfriend who will love the girl of his life with all his heart. When he has his mind set on something or someone he doesn't tend to give up.
person 1- Did you see that guy at the bonfire last night surrounded by girls?
person2- Yeah it was totally a Phoenix
by too beautiful for you December 19, 2016
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A mythological bird made of flames. The phoenix is most commonly known as a symbol of rebirth, due to it's being able to rise from its ashes after death.
The majestic phoenix soared over the valley.
by FlameReaper May 12, 2014
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