A sorry excuse for a city. Sorry but it is. Those who move here from great cities like Chicago, New York, San Francisco, what have you deserve what they (usually) have coming. Why do people think we have such great weather? Is 110 degrees great weather? People here will tell you that its a dry heat or something stupid like that but feel free to dismiss that completely. 110 degrees is 110 degrees. Period. If you want great weather then move to Southern California or if that's too expensive then go to Florida or Hawaii or somewhere in the Carribean. The kids at Arizona State University in nearby Tempe aren't too smart. It's like they're in High School again. They brag constantly about being a party school and it gets quite annoying after awhile.
Phoenix should not be mistaken for a real city.
by anonymous1232214 June 12, 2008
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The Phoenix is a mythical sacred firebird.
Said to live for 500 or for 1461 years, the phoenix is a male bird with beautiful gold and red plumage. The Phoenix was said to rise from ashes.
Phoenixs are cool, and thats why my online alias is lostphoenix / iPhoenix
by Rich Seeley iPhoenix August 21, 2005
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Once a small city now a large one with a small down town central core. The city where everything is new so it is like a large suburb. Very hot in the summer. For every three people that move here two do leave.
Phoenix is becoming overpopulated polluted, expensive and the summer heat unbearable do not move here.
by John Hopper May 21, 2005
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The nations 5th largest city and the fastest growing major city in America. Central Phoenix is home to the Phoenix Suns (US Airways Center) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (Chase Field). Sky Harbor airport is one of the busiest in the nation and is located just east of downtown. The south and westside of Phoenix are predominantly lower class Hispanic and black areas including south mountain village, manzanita, maryvale, sunnyslope. Surrounding suburbs of Phoenix include Tempe best known for its party atmosphere with the ASU students and Mill avenue where most people club and bar hop. Glendale is home to the new Arizona Cardinal stadium and Glendale arena, home of the Phoenix coyotes. Scottsdale is one of the upper-class areas located northeast of Phoenix where many of the rich and famous reside.
guy 1: I know someone who's movin out to Phoenix.
guy 2: Who isn't movin out to Phoenix man.
by PHXAZ June 28, 2006
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A shithole that will never progress. Phoenix is a giant suburban wasteland with nothing to do. Phoenix is made up of about 10 diverse suburbs.

Tempe- Tempe home to decent weed, ASU, sluts, and asshole cops who will bust you for anything and punish you to the max(j- walking ticket= $250)

Mesa- Neo Nazis, Eses, Meth heaven, Payday Loans, really good stuff that every family needs

Gilbert/Chandler- Bros, Mormons, and hey more Bros

Phoenix- Downtown= Ghost town, Ghetto, Horrible Drivers.

Scottsdale- Rich, Snotty, Stuck up grade A cunts and their small dick UFC wannabe boyfriends.

Ahwahtukee(all-white-tuukee)- Fake cookie cutter houses that in fake neighborhoods with fake arrogant people

Glendale/Peoria- middle class people with two stadiums and a sports complex

Sun City- Full of the flocking snow birds that congest the streets

The Res- Casinos, Cheap cigs and nothing else but a shitty drive-in movie theater

Also the Phoenix metro area is infested with illegals. Phoenix has Sheriff Joe who is the dumbest motherfucker in the west. He wastes millions of tax dollars fighting lawsuits against him and trying hunt down illegals which he fails at. We also have a super fun place called tent city it's a tented jail outside and it's best if you reside in the summer. It has green bologna and the worst DUIs and Red Light running deaths in the nation. Never drink in drive in Phoenix you'll be fucked if you get caught.

We have no culture at all if you take the mexicans out of the city all you get is brainwashed, lifeless drones.

Phoenix may look nice or fun in a book but it is a living hell 100-120 degrees from April to the end of October. I honestly don't understand why someone in their right minds would want to inhabit the arid landscape. Most of us kids are trapped here because either school or it's too expensive to live anywhere else. Phoenix is a cheap city and it shows it in every way.
Shit do we have to go to Phoenix???

My skin is melting!!

Who wants to go for a walk in the salt river?

Wow this place is just as bad as Tucson?
by Editeduser666 November 15, 2008
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A bowel movement so pleasing and ass shredding that the now water-encapsulated fecal unit(s) could easily support having a phoenix rise from its dookie ashes. The depositor of said BM would not be disappointed if he/she died right then.
I just peeled the paint and was seein' stars - it was total phoenix.
by Tookie Fruz September 14, 2006
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the capital of Arizona, where the people act like they're not living in a giant desert (they have large fountains that evaporate into the air during the summer before it can even get out of the spout, and green grass...), can get up to too hot degrees in the summer and has almost never gotten any snow. Not a happy place to be... even the wind is hot... Pigeons are their equivalent of rats (also called phoenix-rats)
by 17766543 January 08, 2009
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