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The largest "city" in New Hampshire. Manchester has an excess of pubs, Catholic churches (due to large French Canadian, Irish, Italian, and Lebanese ancestry), obsolete old mills, and drugs. Much like nearby Nashua, Manchester was a prominent commercial center back in the day which has now become a ghetto. French is the town's unofficial-official language due to illegal immigration from Quebec. Girls are ultra-trashy and most young men are known to have four kids with three different women. About one fourth of the Central graduating class goes to Manchester CC with another fourth going to Hesser and another going to the UNH Manchester campus. Cheap drugs such as ecstasy and meth are easily available on Hayward Street.

Despite all of this, Manchester becomes the center of the world's attention during the New Hampshire primaries. It isn't unusual to be harassed by campaigners whilst walking down the sidewalk.
Manchester, New Hampshire = Boston's ugly step-sister, Nashua's barely prettier cousin
by 603explorer June 29, 2009
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A pejorative term used to describe the southern region of New Hampshire (sometimes just the region of the state that is south of Manchester and east of Milford including the Merrimack Valley and Seacost) with the notion that it is turning into Massachusetts due to the large number of former Massachusetts residents moving there. The term denotes the idea that Massachusetts residents are causing NH taxes to be raised and a "nanny state" to be formed simply by being there. To much contrast, most Massachusians in NH are far right-wingers who come to NH as tax refugees.

A similar phenomenon would be "New Yorkticutt", the notion that the western part of Connecticut has been turned into a mini-New York city by moving there.
Person 1: New Hampshire?! More like MASSAHAMPSHIRE! With all of these Massachusetts people moving here we might as well let Massachusetts annex Rockingham and Hillsborough counties!

Person 2: Actually, the Massachusians are the only reason NH is still Republican, dumbass.
by 603explorer February 22, 2010
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Merrimack, NH is just Bedford, NH sans the money, plus a few hi-tech companies, plus a very conservative Catholic liberal arts college that no one except the people from right-wing magazines has heard of. Borders Bedford, Litchfield, Amherst, and Nashua. Has the highest number of conservative republicans per capita of everywhere in the state. Everyone in Merrimack thinks Nashua is the most dangerous place on earth. If you move to Merrimack you can expect your neighbors to be upper-middle class, conservative, racist towards hispanics, and white.
Henriette: Ughhhh I can't stand living in Bedford! It's soooo boring and everyone is right out of a 50's TV show.

Sophia: Just be glad you're not living in Merrimack.
by 603explorer June 18, 2011
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A town in Rockingham County, southern New Hampshire which is 40% apple orchards, 40% rich neighborhoods that try to copy neighboring Windham, 10% middle to lower-middle class neighborhood,s and 10% ugly strip malls. VERY close to ghettos Salem, Manchester, and Nashua so it's not surprising that lots of drugs find their way into the bedrooms of Londonderry teens.

Yes the stereotype that all Windham kids view Londonderry kids as pseudo-rich is true.
Londonderry kid: Wanna hang out?

Windham kid: No, I need to get new gas for my boat and test out my new four-wheeler.

Londonderry kid: That's okay. At least I can get high at Max Apples.
by 603explorer October 18, 2010
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The most beautiful city (or large town) in New Hampshire. A stone throw away from the lakes, an hour away from the mountains, fills up with tourists during the summer and winter months. And it's too far north to be a run-off of Boston like every other city in NH.
Manchester kid: Ooooooo Manch is sooooooo cultural and is the best city in NH!

Laconia kid: You've obviously never been up north to Laconia. We pronounce our r's and our city is definitely NOT a haven for trashy bostonian tax refugees.
by 603explorer February 25, 2011
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A small village in the Mascoma Valley of New Hampshire, known as the halfway point between Dartmouth College and Lake Winnipesaukee. It has recently gained attention by being a haven for members of the Free State Project, much like Keene and Manchester.

According to the article "The Koch Empire and Americans for Prosperity", Grafton was specifically chosen as the first site of the "free market" NH exodus due to the fact that Koch Industries (which funds the Mercatus Center which is linked to the FSP) had recently purchased Georgia Pacific, a paper company, and needed to buy up as much forest as they could. Grafton was selected because it is 95% forest and has very little restrictions on private property ownership. The corporations bought up over $1 million worth of property in Grafton using secretive means, unfortunately, the behaviors of several free staters living in the village disrupted their plans. All of this was documented in the article "Grafton's Messy Liberation".
Grafton, New Hampshire is a small village with a large controversy.
by 603explorer March 6, 2011
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Rich southern New Hampshire town located in the boonies. It borders Nashua, Amherst, and Milford. Young residents have way too much time and money on their hands, which usually results in wandering into Trashua for cheap drugs.
Hollis: the most boring town on earth.
by 603explorer August 22, 2009
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