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The capital of New Hampshire, located 20 miles north of Manchester. Known for its old New England-style elegance, affordable housing (compared to most of the state), French and Greek restaurants, and frequent Free State Project activist activities. It may not be as rich as Windham or Bedford but it sure as hell ain't full of tacky mcmansions. It may not be as exciting as Manchvegas or Boston but it's not a trash-fest like most other New England cities.

Also known to many as the halfway point between Boston and the White Mountains.
Concord NH: a sweet blend of class, libertarianism, culture, diversity, intelligence, city, and frontier.
by 603explorer November 27, 2010
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A pejorative term used to describe the southern region of New Hampshire (sometimes just the region of the state that is south of Manchester and east of Milford including the Merrimack Valley and Seacost) with the notion that it is turning into Massachusetts due to the large number of former Massachusetts residents moving there. The term denotes the idea that Massachusetts residents are causing NH taxes to be raised and a "nanny state" to be formed simply by being there. To much contrast, most Massachusians in NH are far right-wingers who come to NH as tax refugees.

A similar phenomenon would be "New Yorkticutt", the notion that the western part of Connecticut has been turned into a mini-New York city by moving there.
Person 1: New Hampshire?! More like MASSAHAMPSHIRE! With all of these Massachusetts people moving here we might as well let Massachusetts annex Rockingham and Hillsborough counties!

Person 2: Actually, the Massachusians are the only reason NH is still Republican, dumbass.
by 603explorer February 22, 2010
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A project (joke) started by a group of paranoid right-wing nutjobs in 2001 with the goal of moving 20,000 Ron Paul ass-kissers/people who masturbate to "Atlas Shurgged" to New Hampshire in hopes of influencing the New Hampshire primary and local state politics. As of August 2009, only 750 members have moved to the Granite State, meaning the FSP has accomplished less than 4% of their initial goal.

Their organization is utterly ridiculous and their members usually rely on pathetic stunts and continuous whining to get what they want, which includes the privatization of otherwise public goods and services. The final goal of the project is to have New Hampshire secede from the rest of the USA, an action which was tried by the Confederate States for similar reasons and failed miserably.
The other day I saw some members of the Free State Project protesting public education down in Concord, and the day before that I saw a bunch of them protesting universal health care in Portsmouth. I take it public services take away our liberty.
by 603explorer August 14, 2009
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Rich-ass town located in southern New Hampshire, making up the top left part of the Windham-Pelham-Salem-Atkinson rhombus. Once considered a vacation spot in the area located near Cobbett's Pond (with the rest of the town being agrarian) Windham somehow morphed into an elitist breeding ground in less than a generation. It is now known for its large amounts of yuppies, soccer moms, and Paultards as well as their overly spoiled kids who are frequently seen driving expensive cars down I-93. Aside from the glamour, Windham has a reputation for being quite boring, lacking any commercial area or downtown.

A side note: people from Windham pronounce the name of their town as WIND-ham, not WIN-dum. The 'h' is not silent.
Carlie must live in Windham - she got a Ferrari for her sweet 16 birthday.

The Sampson family moved to Windham from Newton Mass so they could still enjoy a lavish lifestyle without paying Massachusetts income taxes which, as Ron Paul supporters, they were morally opposed to.

Windham residents love their money but sure hate having to spend it to contribute to society. That's why they blow most of it on huge houses with big front lawns the size of football fields, 23432 cars, cruises, vacations, expensive electronics, drugs, and designer clothes for their kids.
by 603explorer June 29, 2009
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The most beautiful city (or large town) in New Hampshire. A stone throw away from the lakes, an hour away from the mountains, fills up with tourists during the summer and winter months. And it's too far north to be a run-off of Boston like every other city in NH.
Manchester kid: Ooooooo Manch is sooooooo cultural and is the best city in NH!

Laconia kid: You've obviously never been up north to Laconia. We pronounce our r's and our city is definitely NOT a haven for trashy bostonian tax refugees.
by 603explorer February 25, 2011
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Free Keene is the name of a group of free staters (or at least people who describe themselves as libertarians, voluntaryists, and "anarcho"-capitalists) who live in Keene NH and participate in libertarian-oriented activities in the town. These activities include smoking weed in the town common, standing in front of police cars, walking naked in public, illegally parking their cars, refusing to pay taxes, standing outside the local high and middle schools screaming, "School sucks!" in an attempt to persuade students to drop out of school, drinking beer in court, and participating in the black market/"agorism" as attempts to either remove "victimless crime" laws or for the sole purpose to defy the laws.

According to a February 2011 report on WMUR-TV, Free Keene's civil disobedience tactics are mostly hated by Keene residents, who deem them as offensive. The report also informed viewers that each keeniac stay in jail costs the town $100 per day in taxes.
Last time I was in Keene I saw members of Free Keene holding a nudie sit-in to protest state obscenity laws.
by 603explorer July 11, 2011
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Cliche term for Nashua, used primarily by the rich white people who live in the good part as well as the ultra-wealthy people who live in Hollis and Amherst to describe the ghetto downtown where all the lower-income immigrants and trashy white people live.

This is also the place where the old mills, which brought in 99% of the city's income 140 years ago, are located.
Hollis kid #1: I'm bored.

Hollis kid #2: Wanna get high?

Hollis kid #1: You have?

Hollis kid #2: Nah, but I know a Mexican in Trashua who sells.

Hollis kid #1: Fuck man. I donwanna get stabbed walkin' through there.
by 603explorer October 9, 2009
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