Family of related languages long spoken across part of western Asia and northern Africa. In antiquity these languages included Hebrew, Aramaic, and Phoenician. The most wide–spread modern member of the Semitic family is Arabic.
As early as 2900 B.C.E., personal names recorded in inscriptions from the northerly cities reveal a non-Sumerian Semitic language.
by HistoryNerd94 December 14, 2010
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Semitic is an adjective which in common parlance mistakenly refers specifically to Jewish things, while the term actually refers to things originating among speakers of Semitic languages or people descended from them, and in a linguistic context to the northeastern subfamily of Afro-Asiatic.
Both Arabs and Jews are semites.
by Anti-zionist April 28, 2005
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A belief that Semites such as Arabs and Jews should be completely absent of society and have no influence. Coined by Ferenc Szálasi of the Arrow Cross Party. From the Greek prefix of A- meaning without and Semitism derived from the Semitic peoples.
Person A: Jews do not belong in society!
Person B: That's an example of Anti-Semitism
Person A: No it's A-Semitism
by Beelz3bub May 29, 2021
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Part of an ancient race philosophy where semits correspond to arabs. So you could pretty much say Ariel Sharon is an anti-semit.

Part of the same philosophy Hitler used for his arian ideas, and therefore complete utter bullshit.
Semit does not mean jew, ok?
by Jon April 16, 2004
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Literally just a terrible YouTuber. Probably the worst one I've ever seen. His videos were so bad that it crashed YouTube. Horrendous YouTuber.
Me: "Have you seen Semit's new video"
Friend: "No, he's literally just a terrible YouTuber. Probably the worst one I've ever seen. His videos were so bad that it crashed YouTube. Horrendous YouTuber."
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The minions of the all powerful, luscious deity Devonè. They appear from the shadows and prepare assholes for penetration for their master. If they please their luscious lord he will let them dine on his sexual scraps. They're true origin and names are not shrouded in mystery, they are known as the Foot-soldiers of Fuck.
Dude if you ever see a bunch of little fiends coming out of the shadows, you clinch your butt and run as fast as you can, the Semite Lushes are on the prowl and no one escapes the Foot-soldiers of Fuck
by Suns_Out April 20, 2013
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Adjective: used in the world of Finance, Movie Production, Mortgage Lenders, and Used Car Salesmen.

Noun (plural): used to describe an entire class of stingy banks that overcharge for fees


Frequently mistaken for semantics this word has a similar yet more descriptive meaning to incorporate the theory that the entire financial institution is ran by the Jewish Culture.
Hey Bob , can you look over the semitics of this loan package, I want to make sure we are charging him as much as possible.

I don't like the semitics of this loans terms, it sounds too much like the Jews have started a mafia.

Understanding the semitics we can see that this particular bank will not allow you to obtain a loan until you have completed 200 hours of synagogue, have a circumcision and at least $10,000 dollars cash after making your down payment.

After learning about semitics I finally understood it is better to buy things with CASH that way I can jew them down to a better price

Semitics Semantics they are all the same either way you will pay 87% Interest above the total cost of the loan.

That bank is ran by a bunch of Semitics.
by Guardian_Asshole June 13, 2018
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