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Thumbi is an Indian reference for brother. It can also be used to describe an idiot. Or also a Thashen (synonym)
How are you, thumbi. Don't be such a thumbi/Thashen.
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by Professor Gulab Jumun January 27, 2020
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A person,often of Indian origin,who is rather fond of Volkswagens and gold teeth inserts.This individual is often found at random traffic lights revving his ridiculously slow car and thinks he is a playboy of note.They often live with their parents until they have an arranged marriage and lack an sense of logic
Big man:Why is that guy revving his car so excessively?
Me:He's a thumbi.
by Yourebiggay April 08, 2020
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A person who catches your eye really fast even in a huge crowd . His vibe and looks attract you .He is always there and will always make you feel safe and protected. A person with a crazy vibe who can always cheer you up and you always want to be around them. Its very lucky to have them . They capture your heart easily and try their best to keep you happy . They are a blessing.
P1 - I'm lucky to have a person like thumbi in my life.
P2 - Yes , i'm really jealous of you.
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by Shavam :) May 31, 2021
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