Phillip is a smart and sexy young man.
Phillip has nice long hair(jet black) and beautiful eyes.Phillip is basically a man hoe but he treats his girls right.
Phillip is always willing to please his partner. Phillip is very very loyal.He loves his partner more than anything else and will never cheat on because he loves her way to much.Phillip has a fat dick and he know how use it.He will slurp a girl pussy till its dry.Even though not much people like phillip he stays strong because he know he knows that we will take there mama.Phillip is one of best guys ever.
(Phillip)Honey please let me buy you something.

(Wife)no bae don't worry about it
by Tasty daddy January 08, 2019
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The biggest clown with the biggest heart ever. Phillip is always wholehearted and he never lets you down. Phillip is known to be a really good, dedicated, and faithful boyfriend who tries his best to do everything he can to make his girlfriend happy. His soulmate is Hang and literally no one else can take her place bc she’s his toaster strudel
Bob: dude hang and Phillip are so cute together
Rob: hell yeah Phillip makes her so happy I’m so happy for them
by maiiiiiiiiiiii April 14, 2019
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