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Verb: to sweat

Most commonly used in poker.. Sitting behind someone and watching while they play and show you their cards.
Also used in any sort of betting or situation where you are waiting for a win/outcome.
"I have $500 on the Bears game."
"Nice! I'm watching the game right now, i'll sweat it with you."

"I'm going to play poker.. you can sweat me if you want to learn."
by HollyPopp October 09, 2013
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1*. sweat (vi/vt; sweat or sweated, sweating): to fret or worry (about); especially, to worry excessively.
2*. sweat (vi/vt; see 1): to work hard or diligently. "to sweat it out:" "to achieve a goal through hard work;" "to endure;" "to persevere or overcome;" also, "to suffer withdrawal symptoms;" "to kick a (drug) habit;" "to overcome a drug addiction."
*in senses 1 or 2: "to sweat bullets" or "to sweat blood:" to worry frantically or to work strenuously. (allegedly, sweating blood is an actual but rare medical condition in which the blood from bursting capillaries mixes with the perspiration of nearby sweat glands.)
3. sweat (n): problem, difficulty; e.g., "a mountain of sweat:" "a difficult task," but in this sense often used negatively, with "no:" "no sweat:" "no problem;" sc "you're welcome."
4. sweat (n): american postal slang for mail that does not belong at the indicated address (e.g., because it is addressed to recipients who no longer live there), especially machine-sorted mail that letter carriers must therefore bring back to the station after carrying to the street. "sweaty:" adjective describing such mail, mail that contains a fair amount of "sweat," or mail that tends to be undeliverable.
5. sweat (vt): pipefitter's term for soldering together two lengths of metal pipe, typically used with "-fit:" "sweat-fit" (-fit or -fitted, fitting).
1. (vt) don't sweat the small stuff.
1. (vt) are you still sweating your midterms? i'm sure you passed!
1. (vi) every time her boy goes skateboarding, she sweats.
2. those hod carriers just sweat all day.
2. well, if you can't score (drugs), you'll just have to sweat it out.
3. dad: "thanks for setting up my computer." daughter: "no sweat."
3. you're stuck doing inventory? that's a pool of sweat!
4. i had a foot of sweat in my dps (machine mail) today!
4. those circulars are so sweaty, you can't deliver half of them! they really ought to update their mailing list.
4. regular letter-carrier to the substitute: "people are constantly moving in and out of that apartment, so don't be surprised if you have to bring back a lot of sweat."
5. it's easier to sweat-fit new copper pipes than old ones.
5. i hate having to sweat (or sweat-fit) these pipes in confined spaces!
by emanon January 10, 2004
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To care or worry about something.
Don't sweat the small stuff.
Don't sweat not having your tuition money; you can always get a loan.
by KaBookie August 28, 2003
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Pants and a matching jacket, usually made of nylon and generally worn together.
Sophia wore sweats to speech today.
by GuidoPosse69 January 31, 2005
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To be in love, lust or obsessed with a person. A strong attraction.
Guy 1- So I was talking to my mom on the phone and she told me to tell you hello.

Guy 2- Yeah, it's because she totally sweats me.
by akdre April 17, 2009
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To sweat on something, esp. in terms of games, can be to play it extensively and tryhard, usually ending up with them getting to things like high levels in a short time.
Did you hear about Matt? He sweated on that Call of Duty game that came out yesterday; he's already level 30!
by SomeEpicDude December 22, 2013
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A Social Class of people who wears: Yoga pants, Joggers, Sweatpants, Sweatshirt, Adidas, Nikes, Victoria Secret Pink, Sweatshorts, Baseball Tees, Lazy Athletic Wear, Dark Black Converses, Skinny Sweatpants, Buffy Large Sweatpants, etc.
Jay Look at those Sweats over there!!
Joel What are they wearing??
Jay Pink Yoga Pants, Pink Sweatshirt & Nikes
by J.K.T June 24, 2016
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