A noun synonymous with 'fetish' and 'kink,' as well as 'love' and 'passion,' a philia is a concept or object that arouses  strong emotions/notions.
People who are philias are regarded as objects of sexual desire rather than people who desire( a philia or philias); people who are Philiacs are those who desire a philia or philias.
The hoyay in a certain anime is the philia of yaoi fangirls.
Am I your philia? If not, what's your philia?
It's not exactly my philia but I can dig it.
I live for my philia.
by Foggypebble2 December 8, 2010
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Brotherly love, closer than that based on principles, denotes affection, close friend or family
Philia root for: Philidelphia is the city of brotherly love
by Wonderful Wizzard April 12, 2006
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Basically a way to say that you have a fetish without actually saying that you have a fetish.
Me: hey why do you have a fetish for reptile furry?

Triggered Person: it's not a fetish it's a philia you dumb cunt!!!!!
by Antoni van Leewenhoek November 11, 2016
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a greek based list of stuff we obsessively love.
the opposite of phobias the list things we fear the most.
Brody: dude i have a phobia of pain the slightest bruise scared the shit out of going to go by myself a bubble.nut dude you have a philias to pain..i think its called agrophilia.

Brody2: bro dont be scared cut your wrist its awsome! i just love the feeling soo much that i actually had surgery so that im less tolerable to pain.if i bought a bubble i would buy it full of razors and rattle snakes.wooo hoo i fucking love pain!!!
by Kittira April 3, 2009
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Too much desire to get involved in lucrative piracy in Somali seas. A strong feeling of love and admiration for piracy on the high seas.

Some background information

Pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea, and the waters far off Somalia’s eastern coast continue to increase not only the geographic range of their attacks, but the way they attack vessels. Somali pirates have adopted tactics that now allow them to attack more than 1,000 nautical miles off the Somali coast, with hefty ransom payments over $5 million per ship. Many pirates were lured to start such that new business by tales of easy cash.
A lot of unemployed young Somalis are affected by the pervasive piracy-philia.
by Abdi Mahad August 29, 2012
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Sexual attraction towards products such as Reese's peanut butter cups; Reese's pieces; Reese's spread; etc...

Alternate Name: Reese's Kink; Reese's Fetish
"Reese's-philia is a very rare kink, though some instances have been found in the US and other countries."
by Oliver_The_Dude October 24, 2017
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a pathological disorder in which one is sexually aroused by the idea of a woman trying to reduce her weight, size, or adiposity for purely aesthetic reasons. No sexual arousal occurs if an obese woman attempts to reduce, but if a woman who is already slender expresses a desire to reduce simply to increase her sexual appeal, arousal is triggered. In addition, the motivation for her weight loss must be her enthusiasm at the prospect of becoming even more sexy, not dread or self-hatred.
I only exhibit diet-philia in the abstract; when I deal with actual women in real life, I want them to be healthy, happy, comfortable, and in constant sexual ecstasy. But I still find slim women the most attractive. I just don't want them to have to suffer to be slim.
by wouldaben December 12, 2010
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