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A noun synonymous with 'fetish' and 'kink,' as well as 'love' and 'passion,' a philia is a concept or object that arouses  strong emotions/notions.
People who are philias are regarded as objects of sexual desire rather than people who desire( a philia or philias); people who are Philiacs are those who desire a philia or philias.
The hoyay in a certain anime is the philia of yaoi fangirls.
Am I your philia? If not, what's your philia?
It's not exactly my philia but I can dig it.
I live for my philia.
by Foggypebble2 December 08, 2010
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Brotherly love, closer than that based on principles, denotes affection, close friend or family
Philia root for: Philidelphia is the city of brotherly love
by Wonderful Wizzard April 11, 2006
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Basically a way to say that you have a fetish without actually saying that you have a fetish.
Me: hey why do you have a fetish for reptile furry?

Triggered Person: it's not a fetish it's a philia you dumb cunt!!!!!
by Antoni van Leewenhoek November 11, 2016
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