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Common beginning or ending to a sentence. It can serve to:

1. provide an excuse for why one has not yet done something.
2. suggest a vague intention of doing something later (similar to how Spanish speakers use the word "mañana.")
3. add minimal credibility to an idea that is a pipe dream.
1. There's no point in looking for a job until the economy picks up.
2. I'll start my business when the economy picks up.
3. Unemployment levels will go back down to the levels they were in the late 1990s when the economy picks up.
by wouldaben January 06, 2011
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Don't hurt me and then pretend like you had nothing to do with it.
You argued, privately, to each member of the committee that I should be fired and now you come by on my last day to tell me how sorry you are about what "happened." Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.
by wouldaben January 13, 2011
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a woman who unabashedly enjoys sexuality - both her own and that of others. She feels no shame about lust or enjoying her body to its fullest potential. She is a treasure.
Hannah is not offended by my lust for her; she is such a dear strumpet.
by wouldaben December 17, 2010
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one who has a lot of pretty, pretty boys that she calls "friends."
Lisa is a Hotel California Girl; she has a lot of pretty, pretty boys she calls "friends."
by wouldaben December 17, 2010
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fear of interacting with an unemployed person for fear that whatever caused him or her to be unemployed will transfer to you. Originally used by John Stewart on the Daily Show.
After I lost my job, all of my "friends" suddenly became too busy to spend time with me. I guess I have unemployment cooties.
by wouldaben January 04, 2011
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As thin as a model, particularly a runway/catwalk model. Very thin with essentially no visible fat. Abdomen is either flat or concave. Hip bones and the lower edges of the rib cage rise above the valley of the abdomen created between them. Real breasts are not present (or at least prominent) as breasts are filled with fat that has been stripped away by calorie deprivation. Small breast "buds," comparable to those of slim girls in the earliest stages of puberty, may be present. Artificial breasts are often present as they are composed of materials that cannot be digested to support metabolism, and the modeling industry seems to prefer them. Cheeks are concave and cheek-bones are prominent. Thighs are not much, if any, thicker than the calves. When the model stands with her feet together, her thighs do not touch each other and she creates the approximation of a one-dimensional line protruding perpendicular to the plane of the floor.
I understand that in order to be model-thin, women must endure constant hunger, hunger-headaches, coldness, frequent colds/flu, and often abuse drugs such as cocaine and cigarettes. Even when they have little body fat, they use laxatives and enemas to minimize their waists. Some force themselves to vomit food they have unintentionally eaten. None the less, I am ashamed to admit that I am enthralled with the sylphic beauty of women who are model thin. I have tried for two decades to ignore or change this attraction, but I cannot shake it.
by wouldaben December 11, 2010
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the phenomenon on a thin woman of the waist-band of her panties being suspended between her hip bones without touching her concave lower abdomen. This phenomenon is best achieved when the woman is lying on her back. Panty bridges are considered attractive by many not only because they demonstrate the thinness of the woman but, when viewed from the proper angle, provide a view of the top of the woman's vulva/pubic mound.
That model is showing off how thin she is by lying down, sucking in her already tiny abdomen, and creating a panty bridge so deep that a train could drive under it.
by wouldaben December 14, 2010
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