This has multiple meanings. It can mean any of the following:

1. I understand.
2. I agree.
3. Wow! That's awesome.
4. I would have no problem doing that/dealing with that.
5. Im down with it.

And even much more. Its like jawn. Maaaany meanings!
"Do you want to go to the movies later? Im tryna see Transformers."

"I can dig it!"

"Stay away from him, he's crazy."
"Yeah but I can dig it. Its cool."
by MelNel272 January 28, 2012
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A seemingly harmless phrase which, if said in a large group, has the ability to destroy destiel shippers, making them spontaneously explode into a pool of tears while simultaneously tearing their heart into little strips. Even worse when said while listening to Elvis. Also see twist and shout
"Don't you just love Elvis"
"Yeah, I can dig it"

-dying whale sounds-
by shrimpyskimpy September 14, 2014
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Normal person: I can dig Elvis.

Destiel shipper: *muffled* I can't help falling in love with you.
by Destielover January 8, 2018
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A challenge, preferably screamed into a cell phone at the top of your lungs.
"You're crazy. I will totally pwn you at Halo."
by PrincessJetta April 7, 2009
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Phrase meaning "I'll have the fish"
Flight Attendant: What can I get for you, sir?

Man: I can dig some grease while chompin' on some buns and draggin' through the garden.

Flight Attendant: I'm sorry, we're all out of fish...
by jDogg April 18, 2005
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