A term people use when someone is really mad or can't take a joke.

For example:
The jews can't take Auschwitz Jokes/ holocaust jokes
The americans can't take 9/11 jokes
The mexicans can't take the Trump wall jokes
Etc etc
Person 1: why that guy a Triggered Person?
Person 2: I told him a joke but he got mad at it
Person 1: Oh ok
by Shrekalicious March 7, 2019
A triggered person is someone whose brain is too small to comprehend logic (See: Ben Shapiro) and therefore flips out and scaring the human race. A triggered person usually comes in the form of a feminist or a really left liberal. These fuckers come in many shapes and sizes. But most triggered people are either super fat like over 600 lbs or super skinny like anorexic skinny. These triggered people all exist somewhere in New Jersey. Oh and all single moms get triggered too.
I took a plane to New Jersey and I saw a Triggered Person. Their words filled me with fear. I thought "it" was going to explode. Scariest moment of my life.
by NotALeberal November 30, 2018