At one point, I honestly thought he was Taylor swift's brother.

Um.. Chile anyway-

He sells flex tape
Phil swift is here for flex tape.
by Reincarnated tanuki September 22, 2020
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Here is the SHORT VERSION:
Phil Swift was born in the heart of a dying star in the Andromeda galaxy during the creation of the Milky Way. The dense elements he was born in gave his titanium-hard muscles. After falling to earth on August 6, 1944, his body completely leveled Hiroshima, Japan just moments before the nuclear bomb was dropped.

Then, years after graduating from the University Of Houston, Phil and his brother, Alan Swift began testing with rubber and its properties. Years later, Phil Swift founded the company Swift Response, with his brother Alan Swift being the co-founder.

In February of 2011, Phil released a new product called “Flex Seal.” Flex Seal was liquid rubber in a can. A big success for the company was clear when the internet got ahold of it, the commercial went viral and Phil Swift became a internet meme.

Phil continued to build his fanbase of FlexFans and make products and money.

Phil’s legacy of making products continue to dominate the internet with lots of memes, especially of when he says “I just sawed this boat in half!”, or “Thats Alot Of Damage!” Those catchphrases are known all across the internet as ‘the flex seal guy’ or as we call him, Phil Swift.

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Twitter: @ItsFlexClass

Phil Swift is a multimillionaire who invented the most useful and flextastic family of products.
by itsflexclass February 11, 2021
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A man who is really into cutting boats in half and doing " ALOTA DAMAGE " then fixing it with his product.
by sehiers April 28, 2021
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Phil Swift is the maddest lad ever....
I mean he sawed a boat in half... did you ever saw a boat in half... I dont think so!
Phil Swift really is the maddest lad ever lol.
by Tarix__ December 12, 2018
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Phil I the very definition of masculinity. As for he is the god of all twelve realms he is tasked with ensuring the safety of us more mortals so he comes to us in the form an extremely muscular and well charmed man and endows us with a portion of his godly powers in the form of flex tape.
The church of Phil Swifty
by Veiny1072 July 9, 2018
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phil is a very sexy manly man which every man and girl wants but unlucky for you, Phil doesn’t like humans! Phil likes bears and fucks those bears so fuckin good in the ass ooohh yeah! sorry ladies ;c
Damn, phil the hot man! I want to suck his big giant cock so badly.
by big fat man big fat July 7, 2018
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A very thrilling radio host in Carlisle Pennsylvania. Known to attend professional wrestling shows and dominate at redneck games.
I am jamming out to Red 102.3 because Phil the Thrill is on!
by Hankthehillbilly August 28, 2018
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