Slang for a pharmaceutical company or the pharmaceutical industry.
Big Pharma is not showing the stock gains it did in the 90's.
by Nathan Tiberius August 9, 2007
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Large pharmaceutical companies who pour more money into advertising, marketing, and political lobbying than they do into research, development, production, and distribution of medication. They also extort patients who need medicine for life-saving purposes into paying huge sums of money at an outrageous markup.
Big Pharma increased the price of Epipens to over a thousand dollars, but they cost only two bucks to make.
by Simmaniac January 13, 2021
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Working the angles in search of narcotics, usually the opioid, benzo or amphetamine varieties
Fucking ran out of my Oxys, Xanax AND ADDerall. two weeks early. Looks like I better start Trolling for Pharma
by Clifhanger April 16, 2017
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When you receive one dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine and one dose of the Moderna vaccine.
Hey dude did they give you moderna this time?”
“Yeah I got my Arnold pharma now”
by Publius21 November 19, 2021
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instead of brain there is pharma (transformers)
person without pharma Syndrome:

"woah man you have pharma Syndrome"

person with pharma Syndrome: "pharma"
by DEMIPLIERR June 9, 2023
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a person who is dependant on pharmacy medication for medicaL and or LifestyLe reasons
man! that dude takes so much medication hes evoLving into Pharma Sapiens..
by dr pufaLo August 22, 2017
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A disparaging term for the pharmaceutical industry, which is obviously the source of all the world's evils, is 100% full of greedy, unethical fucks, and never, ever does anything good, because modern medicine is a complete scam. Ironically, people who spout this crap, most likely take an Advil when they get a headache.

Note that occasionally, pharmaceutical companies DO engage in unethical behavior (and usually get caught, and pay massive fines for it), but to listen to these people speak, it's the entire industry's default mode of operation, all that they ever do, and there isn't a single honest person in the entire field.

Very much less commonly, if you know someone who works in the pharma industry, and is job-searching, you might hear them say something like "I would prefer to work for small pharma rather than big pharma", but this is very much not the popular usage, 99.999999% it's just some idiot.
Big Pharma is a scam, there's a pill for EVERYTHING these days! I would much rather go back to the days when people died of easily-treatable illnesses, and the life expectancy was 40!
by q359 July 25, 2023
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