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A deceptive, misleading, or false notion on the subject of one's penis, usually about size.
Guy 1 - "Yeah my dick was actually too big for her, it was painful. I mean it's probably about 9 inches."

Guy 2 - "Really? Impressive."

Guy 3 (whispers to guy 2) - "God that is such a phallusy."


Guy - "Heard your boyfriend's penis is green."

Girl - "Phallusy: shut the fuck up."
by AnonymousMouse1 July 04, 2010
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to lie about the size of one's penis
"Andy said he was 9 inches hard. That is SUCH a phallusy."
by TastyTreat March 14, 2003
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An impression, based on a man's false accounts or exaggerations, of his sexual prowess.
Dale's wild ride through Sandals adult resorts gave rise to the phallusy that surrounds him today.
by HandyDictionary March 25, 2010
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Not only are you wrong, but you are being a dock about it.
After hours of debate, and constantly proving the guy wrong, his argument devolved into "You are a Nazi." , after that all he could come up with is phallusy, after phallusy....
by Howard_Anxo October 22, 2017
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The term phallusy denotes any statement used in an online forum that may not necessarily be in agreement with other users and in particular, moderators. By referring to said statement as a phallusy, the user is typically trying to indicate a falsehood, promote their own importance, and the announce the relative ignorance of the issuer of said statement and signal an oncoming personal attack generally resulting in the use of the phrase: dickhead.
Me stating that you have presented a logical phallusy with this topic ...
by gpc10347 April 07, 2006
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