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What happens when you're nailing a chick from behind and just as you're about to blow your wad, you tell her she's the ugliest biznatch you've ever screwed... and hang on for dear life.
"That nasty hoe gave me a wild ride."
by Sarcastro October 23, 2003
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When a cabbie takes pasengers hostage and drives off crazy, so the passengers cannot flee the vehicle. Typically caused by a fare dispute or off-the-meter fares. Especially when ride is executed via roundabout routes. Especially when cabbie feels entitled to a surcharge or "tip" not entitled by law. Threats of wild rides are also used to coerce the hostages to pay up more than a customary tip. Also caused by fare-beating or where the passenger feels entitled to pay less than full fare, plus negotiated tip. Where the cabbie then feels entitled to make a "citizens arrest." And drives off crazy to "Go find a cop."
The cabbie took my wife on a wild ride to get a higher tip. The wild ride got her to put out. I should file a wild ride complaint with the Taxi Bureau. I didn't know that wild rides were legal. Is it legal to try to flee the vehicle if the cabbie takes you on a wild ride? Once I paid up the cabbie stopped his wild ride, and even let me get my luggage out of the trunk.
by Atlantis-2525 March 08, 2012
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