When a girl is between a dime and a nickel, around an 8 but fluctuates depending on your level of drunkenness.

Comes from the fact that the exchange rate between pesos to USD is about 8.
There weren't any dimes at the party last night, but there were a few pesos.
by Joavom January 23, 2011
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Mexico's shitty currency thats roughly worth a tenth of the US dollar.
10 Pesos= 1 Dollar.
F:"Hey Trevor, I'm broke!"

T:"Then get your ass to Mexico and be worth something Fontaine!!!"

F:"Great, now how would you say my name,Fontaine, in Mexican?"
by amad May 23, 2008
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When most of the world hears pesos, they think Mexico, however the peso is traded in several other countries in Latin-America, in fact, some hispanics use the word pesos for the dollar in the United States, another sign of their silent conquest.
White guy: How much for these firecrackers my good man.

Sales Person: itss 20 pesos, senor.
by Fuego Caliente March 24, 2010
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- Hey Juan, I came in Adriana's pesos... I kind of regret it.

- Don't say that Antonio, you'll be a juanderful father for your childrens.
by Dart March 03, 2008
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Someone with great wealth and who attracts numerous women with said wealth, derived from the word 'peso' (Mexican currency) and 'grande' (Spanish for big and/or great).
Guy 1: You'd better talk to that chick quick.
Guy 2: Why is that?
Guy 1: That 'peso grande' is about to talk to her.
Guy 2: Fuck, I wish I was 'peso grande' too.
by Moerator July 07, 2015
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