Slang for the Canadian dollar during the nineties when it was substantially devalued relative to the American dollar. The Mexican peso was also substantially reduced in value during this time, hence the connection. The phrase is less commonly heard in recent times, as the Canadian and American currencies have been nearly at par.
How much is that in Canadian Pesos?
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv October 6, 2006
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A dive bar located in Lakspur, CA.
The greatest bar in Marin County or the country for that matter. Filled with alcoholics in the morning, blue collar stiffs in the afternoon, and young Marinites in the evenings. An old piano sitting in the corner hasn't been tuned since Janis Joplin last played it. A great hookup bar.
Tip or GTFO!
- "Hey, do you wanna go to the Silver Peso?"
- "Sure. You know, I'm pretty sure I've hooked up with every girl in that bar at some point."

- "Less talking; more drinking!"
by J420NorCal March 23, 2009
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Peso bear is the Illegal immigrant version of pedo bear. He follows people around in his over crowded f-150 while he blasts his Spanish childrens music and promises ice cream to the unsuspecting children. He is always near you even when you shower
(peso bear) hey kids want some churros and taquitos
(kid one) yay I love you peso bear

(kid two aye yi yi I want some too)
by Boomsnapclaped July 21, 2011
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US dollar. As the US dollar continues to lose value, it becomes synonymous with the cheap crap from Walmart. Used mainly by Canadians.
"Sorry, we don't take Walmart pesos.", server telling American tourist in a Toronto bar.
by DFisherman November 22, 2007
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A sexual move. One person holds a clear glass plate over their own face while the partner shits onto the plate. The move is said to be sexually arousing for the "taker" bc they like to watch their partner's butthole dialate.
Sarah and I were getting freaky last night, we were going to do the dishes anyways so I gave her a samoan peso first.
by BiggieBalls31 July 30, 2008
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The compensation for labor at Amazon, Whole Foods Market, etc.
I spent all of my Bezos Pesos on an overpriced lunch at Whole Foods Market. I even used my employee discount : (
by courseassistant February 3, 2022
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