An amazing girlfriend and love is all she knows. She always has a smile on her face and always ready to make new friends. Her optimistic and crazy ways are what her friends like about her. Even when she is sad she tries her best to think of positives. But don't get on her bad side,she doesn't care how big the challenge but will take you down. All together she a tough,kind,pretty,and a well rounded person.
Adriana is really pretty.

Adriana is super strong.
by Lucky charms January 11, 2015
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The most beautiful, pretteiest,cutest girl i have ever seen she is the most nucest person and wont let you down. She has the most prettiest brown hair and when i look into her eyes its a new world .
Adriana is a nice person
by jeff2017 December 20, 2014
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You can always trust an Adriana. She can keep all your secrets. You can always tell her anything you need. She is kind of like a therapist. Adriana will be your best friend all throughout life. She is gorgeous too. But be careful, she can over think so much stuff; but you just have to tell her that she’s fine. She also isn’t the strongest out of the friend group. Along with being weak, she’s clumsy. She can drop and break a lot of stuff. Especially your heart.
“Wow, is that...Adriana?”
“Yeah, I think so dude. Man she is fineeeee
“I can dibs!”
by chloe the cup cake July 11, 2018
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Adriana is the most amazing beautiful cute girl you can ever talk to. She's super awesome and very interesting and entertaining to talk to. She makes you laugh and always try to cheer you up. Makes you constantly laugh. Most sweetest and cutest girl you can see. Has many talents and is into many awesome things! She's everything you can ever see in a girl. Her eyes bright up and make your heart skip a beat whenever you see her and or photos of her.
That Adriana girl, she's so pretty and cute!
by EndlessChaos July 5, 2018
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"Guys, Adriana just roasted me badly..."

"Oooh what a savage"
by Anon54312 April 4, 2016
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A gift from the universe, showing you there are real life angels. The realization that true love exsists. She is the definition of beauty, charismatic and full of life. She walked into my life August 8 of ‘17 which will remain the day the world stood still for me. Never before was anyone like her and never will. She is difficult to contain because of her free spirit. But the most presious things in our lives always are never easily obtained. She has shined light on the darkest regions of my life. She deserves nothing short of the best I can possibly be and she is the only one to ever make me want to push myself to give that to her. She is my world, my heart my dream girl. Most will never get past the timeless beauty she possesses, she could make a blind man see, a smart man dumb, a sinner from a saint (not me) she truly holds the power of the gods within her small hand. Adriana you have forever changed my life. People like you are once in a lifetime. Thank you for being me to life. Always and forever. I will marry jamba one hell of a juice forever yours butterfly Catapillar life goodess once in a lifetime
When I first layed eyes 👀 on Adriana, my world stood still.
by SicMcNasty June 8, 2018
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Sexy, smart, kind, introverted. Adriana has it all. She's unpopular because she isn't a slut and has decency. You are her secret admirer, wishing you had the balls to ask her out, hating yourself for being such a pussy. Her name means "Dark" in Spanish and it refers to people from the city of Adria in Italy.
Adriana is the hottest girl in my school that isn't a slut. She's perfect.
by tjtepigstar November 13, 2017
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