One who doesn't eat meat, except for the meat of a man
Look at that Pesce over there - he won't eat meat but he won't hesitate to take bite out of George's sausage.
by KeWhoa October 31, 2006
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she just pesced
by pescer February 7, 2011
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pronounced "pesk" derived from the italian word pesce for penis or fish.
Joey, lets have a boys night out like old times, it'll be a pesc fest!
by vinnie-v August 27, 2008
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Pesce-pollotarian: someone who only consumes fish and poultry as a meat source, not mammals. It's a combination of a pescetarian and pollotarian. Pesce-pollotarians eat vegatables, but aren't vegetarians.

Pescatarian: someone who eats only fish, never mammals or poultry.

Pollotarian: someone who only eats poultry as a meat source, not fish or mammals.
I'm a Pesce pollotarian, the only meat I eat, is fish or poultry.
by Yoga chick July 9, 2018
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Cameron is a basketball player and is kinda trustworthy and has a gf that is VERY nice
Cameron Pesce shut up you stupid poopy butt head!
by Itz ya boi fish100500 October 14, 2018
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100% full send. He got so much cash he's cashed out. Have pulled triple crowns and grand slams. He run this shit.
John Pesce got so much cash.
by Heckleton Fleckleton May 24, 2018
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