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*A person looking for a fancy name for their meat restricted diet despite knowing that 99% of people don't have a clue wtf a Pollotarian is & have to explain afterwards.
An easier alternative is to tell a person you only eat chicken/birds & no other meats.

**Can also be a stepping stone to vegetarianism as the individual restricts their meat-intake & slowly over a period of time cuts all meat forms out.

*** Somebody who really enjoys eating polo mints
*Tara: I'm sorry i can't eat that food its not pollotarian
John: i'm sorry what?
Tara: Pollotarian, i don't eat any meats but birds (smug look)

**Tara: I'm limiting myself to just eating chicken for 2 weeks before cutting it out & going vegetarian
John: Oh thats pretty cool

by dum1anddum2 March 18, 2011
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A pollotarian (aka a pollovegetarian or a pollo-vegetarian) is someone who will not eat the flesh of any red meat mammals, but does include chicken, turkey and other poultry. They may or may not also exclude fish, seafood or products like eggs and dairy from their diet. Reasons for exclusion vary from taste preference to ethical issues.
Also seen as Pescetarianism, Semi-vegetarianism, Flexitarianism, Lacto-ovo vegetarianism
Many pollotarians buy there poultry from cage free farms.
by Taihanne May 17, 2008
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