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Financial institution pretending to engage in high risk / high reward quantitative investment strategies but in fact trading on insider information to get ahead of the market.
"How did Joe afford that Lamborghini?"

"Oh, he works for a hench fund now. He's going to bed with the assistants of three different CFOs and using the information he gets that way to help his fund make out like bandits."
by nygeek August 30, 2012
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Personal Computer Stress Disorder comes from dealing with the chaotic world of Windows. Viruses, crashing software, blue screen of death, three finger salute, are all sources of this stress.
My psychiatrist diagnosed me with PCSD - Personal Computer Stress Disorder and prescribed the replacement of all of my PCs with Macs.
by nygeek September 19, 2013
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The interminable process of boot, download patch, apply patch, reboot, download patch, apply patch, reboot ad infinitum that Windows and other software puts you through on a new installation.
I just downloaded the World of Warcraft binary and now I'm in perpatchual hell while it gets up to date.
by nygeek February 13, 2010
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Culinary or not Magic Mushrooms. Mushrooms with no psychoactive or toxic properties.
Dudette: Hey, whatcha cooking?
Dude: Sauteed muggle mushrooms to pour over grilled chicken breast.
Dudette: Yum yum!
by nygeek August 15, 2015
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