1. abbrev.: chartered property casualty underwriter. See also CPC.
Hey that CPCU is so the man what he works with CPC.
by The Man Bringer-Downer December 10, 2003
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One who has taken a series of property & casualty insurance courses at the end of which they don't know their ass from their elbow. Means "can't produce, can't underwrite"
"You gotta be shittin' me? She's a CPCU?"
by S. Ryan, CPCU April 28, 2003
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Someone who uses a/their computer typically for accessing the internet esp. social media, video chat, typing up documents, and stuff that has to do with work (if the person is a student or a businessman), and just surfing the net in general. In other words, the complete opposite of a HPCU Hardcore Personal Computer User
"Hey man! You want to play minecraft?"

"Um..., what's minecraft?"


"I know I'm highly likely to be coming off as lame, but I really don't use my computer for gaming...that shit's boring! What can I say...I'm a CPCU (Casual Personal Computer User).
by Strategist of the 5 Kingdoms November 21, 2012
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