A person who takes part in outdoor activities, or indoor activities that generally take place outdoors.
Even though he never stepped outdoors, Matt is outdoorsy for ice skating at the Depot.
by NotJim December 9, 2008
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1. Characteristic of or suitable to the outdoors:
a rugged, outdoorsy life; heavy, outdoorsy clothes; NOT sweatpants, NOT going commando to seduce a lover.

2. unusually fond of outdoor life:
an outdoorsy type who likes to spend time on cliff tops, sheltering from high winds and watching guillemots murdering their young.
Stuart was regularly known by his neighbours as the Lincolnshire Bear Grylls, not so much for being outdoorsy, but mostly because of his tendancy to walk around the house naked and his use of Susie's George Formby Grill.
by Sharkey & Bubbles August 30, 2023
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Pertaining to events that happen in the outdoors.
I hate outdoorsie things like camping and hiking
by art187 March 3, 2014
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Being appreciative of Mother Nature and all that she has to offer as a backdrop for drinking all of one’s favorite spirits.
Is that a margarita in Meg’s hand? I guess she’s being outdoorsy this weekend.
by Datgirlmarge March 22, 2018
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The ability to stay outside without internet or any sort of comfort brought by civilization
"Bear Grills is the man, he seriously makes me doubt my outdoorsyness."
by Jherome Cubane May 4, 2016
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