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Super cool name. Very unique like the girl who owns it. She is true to herself and never lets anyone bring her down.
Annabeth is so awesome!
by NerdfightersUNITE February 08, 2010
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Beautiful, sexy girl who is loved by everyone. She is smart and funny and has tons of friends. Annabeth can be really loud, spontaneous, and hyper. She talks a lot but people don't mind because they are all her friends. Guys want to date her and girls want to be her. She is amazing in bed. Annabeth has nice hair and a great body, but the most amazing thing about her next to her personality is her eyes. She has the most beautiful eyes that are big and clear. Annabeth is awesome. She is a great girlfriend and will stay faithful even though she has tons of guys after her. If you have an Annabeth, keep her because you are lucky! If your friend is an Annabeth, don't even try to compare yourself to her because she will always win!
"Dude, who's that girl? She's so hot!"
"Oh, that's Annabeth."

"I wish I was Annabeth, she's so cool!"
by Rachel Vern March 10, 2012
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Anna Beths are uncommon and might get ticked off you you call them one of the following:
Anna Belle
But over all Anna Beths are reliable and have a lot of life experience. They can talk either very loud or very quiet, no where in between. The best quality of an Anna Beth is her eyes. You look into them and see what true beauty looks like. She is a great girlfriend and person, and once again either great or horrible at being a mom. Just be careful not to cross her, these girls are crazy.
β€œWho’s that chick Annabeth?”
β€œOh you mean Anna Beth? She’s a sex Goddess!”
by Edward Blewy October 10, 2018
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A girl that is always out to steal your man or set you up for failure.
Allison: This bitch Annabeth keep tryna steal Percy from me. I'm finna steal her ass.
by ALLISON FANGIRL December 09, 2019
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