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A girl who is VERY VERY VERY addicted to fnaf games and ships their oc with foxy or an very popular fnaf character and hates anyone who calls their oc an marysue also hates on everything that is mean against fnaf or their oc ANYTHING AT ALL.
Person: Um your oc is shipped with foxy? and the colours are..... atrocious....

Fnaf fan girl: OMG DID U JUST HATE ON ME!?!?!??!??!?!!??!?!?!?!!?!?111111/////

Person: No it was criticism

Fnaf fan girl: OMG YOU IDIOT I HATE U

Person: Um........ fnaf fan girls.
by IzzyTheNonAddictedFnafFan January 24, 2017

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The dominant name, obviously.
You should name your child Percy, It's clearly the dominant name.
by IzzyTheNonAddictedFnafFan August 02, 2018

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A large group of people somewhere in Britain that REALLY like KFC.
Kernel Sanders is their god and they worship crispy chicken.
I was thinking about joining the KFC cult but my friends think it's not a good idea.
by IzzyTheNonAddictedFnafFan December 05, 2018

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When communism takes over you and you must finally let Timmy play with your toy dinosaur.
The biscuits were shared around.
by IzzyTheNonAddictedFnafFan December 05, 2018

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