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A ruggedly handsome guy with a penis ranging from 9 to 10 inches. He has an unusually high IQ of around 180 but his charm is second to none.

This applies to all people named Ieuan.
Person A: Who's that over there boning that girl to death whilst proving string theory's existence?
Person B: You don't know who he is?
Person A: No.
Person B: He's Ieuan!
Person A: Wow! I'm jealous!
by Tom-Dick-and-Harry October 21, 2011
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A man who's sense of style and rugged good looks are matched only by his overpowering wit and charisma.
"Where's Ieuan?"

"He's over there making out with those two supermodels"

"Wait, aren't they sisters?"


"Whoa... He's like some sort of unstoppable love machine!"

"Tell me about it"
by Malvor, teller of truths May 02, 2009
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Ieuan is a nice guy. Ginger with lots of freckles. He's tall and a bit chubby, but it's fine for him. He loves video games and is a geek/nerd sometimes. He is usually at the library on the internet, most likely 9gag. He's nice and a great friend. He jokes around a lot and he makes a lot of friends. He may get bullied from time to time, but friends stick up for him. He's a great guy.
Person 1: Hey, who's the ginger?
Person 2: My friend Ieuan. We're gonna play CoD later.
Person 1: Sweet!
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horrible chav. slag. always wears his hat, dresses alright, thinks he's black but he's really not, he's like the milkybar kid, gross. never stops eating, yet he's not actually THAT fat, thinks he's awesome, moody. sly. but actually one of the nicest people we've ever met, sometimes
person 1: "see that kid over there with the hat and the swagger?"
person 2: "oh yeah you mean that horrible chav?"
person 1: "yeah i think its called a ieuan"
person 2: "ew"
by steveislush September 25, 2010
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Ginger from birth, also a huge twat and has a 'gang' of so called 'friends'
by The gingerbread man April 16, 2018
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Failed playwright. Lives with sheep in basement. Predominantly Welsh. Late coursework deadlines standard. Keeps any item loaned to him indefinitely without any conscious thought on the matter.
This does not apply to a particular person: it's just a general descripition of all people named Ieuan.

See also: fucktard
Fucking hell, Ieuan, where's my fucking action replay? And have you got your French coursework? No, you haven't. What waste of space.
by notsafeforwork July 19, 2007
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