Per person/individual
can also mean per hundred people or any amount depending on the circumstance
Lao PDR has the most water per capita in asia
by SerenityTaco September 19, 2018
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The ratio of males to females in a social setting such as a party, concert, etc.
Average Joe 1: Hey Joe, want to go the big party this Friday?

Average Joe 2: Naw, man. The penis per capita is too great. It's going to be a real Sausage Fest.
by Captain_C@veman January 29, 2010
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ass per capita can be defined as an area be it a big city or a small town which has more hot looking women than anywhere you have been.
Hey man have you been to White Sulfur Springs. Oh yeah that place has some serious ass per capita, it is absolutely ridiculous down there.
by pantyteamaster October 15, 2010
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A unit of measurement describing the relationship between the size of a female's booty and the size of the jeans into which said booty has been fit.
Daaamn, howd she pack all that ass in those jeans?!? her booty-per-capita is off the charts!

Its too bad Girl A always wears loose fitting jeans. She got a donk but like no booty-per-capita.
by TitoCallelle December 6, 2011
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Given the available population, how many are hotties. Also known as the Hottie quotient.
"Wow, check that out. Even the mailwoman is hot."

"Yeah, the Hottie Per Capita (HPC) is high in college towns."
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Objective Finance per Capita is the Concept that Objective Finance, and its associated scores can be measured for the individual, and how they're doing, in order to assess how much better they can make their live/financial situation through the use of Objective Economic Principles in their lives. Usually measured by Dividing your country's GDP per Capita by Its Objective Finance score, then multiplying that by the average of your earnings, before dividing that by the number of digits in your net worth. The Square root of that number should be your Objective Finance per Capita score!
Noah was Extremely surprised to find out that his Objective Finance per Capita score went from 2.4494897 to 2.6061125 over the course of a year
by Obviouslyperson April 27, 2023
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