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Serena is seen as an immature person but uses this as a shield to hide her insecurities. She comes across as rude and uncaring but the people that she is close to she will protect with her life. Serena doesn't put up with any crap and avoids most drama, she prefers to settle any arguments. She seems shy when meeting new people but she always wants to make new friends. Serena is not a jealous person and likes to roll with the flow. She sets her own trends and doesn't care about what others think of her. If Serena is happy with herself that is as good as she is going to get, she will not change for anyone. Serena prefers to have a few close friends she can trust but also lots of other friends that she can hang with. Serena's friends can vary from nerds to gangstas. Serena is usually the class clown and is just a generally good person
Serena is an amazing person
I wish i could be as great as my friend Serena
by SerenityTaco November 20, 2017

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Per person/individual
can also mean per hundred people or any amount depending on the circumstance
Lao PDR has the most water per capita in asia
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by SerenityTaco September 19, 2018

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