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1). The capabilities and/or strength of one's penis
2). When soaked in toxic waste, there is a possibility one will accrue so called 'Penis Power.' This is when the penis of an individual grows to abnormally large lengths when aroused.

A known side effect is a light green glow around the penis and scrotum.
My penis power is much greater than yours!

Woah.. every time I jack off after the nuclear plant exploded, my penis grows to 3 feet! I must have Penis Power!
by Drumdude December 19, 2014
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A shout given amongst a group of males to express pride in being male.
Penis Power!!
by ThatDamnedNinja March 10, 2004
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Getting a female (or male) addicted to the power of one's penis, even when that female knows it isn't for her own good.
"The man that is living to ejaculate, he's in a predator-mode. He's gonna look for the weaknesses of a woman. A woman that's lonely, her vagina is cold. She's laying at bed at night playing with her toys, or she's got a man beside her that is a good provider, but he's not hitting the walls and working the middle like that dawg she's having that sneaky sex with...Penis Power!"
by COOLDUTCH April 19, 2007
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