what you want your weed to look like
dude check out these nugs, this is some light green shit dog
want a gram of some light green?
by max March 14, 2005
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A term used in Marine Corp boot camp to identify a white recruit , from a black or dark green recruit .
All you fuckers are green now! Some are light green and some are dark green .I don't give a shit either way ! You are all worthless !!!
by Robery May 12, 2008
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Australian military.

Thick scrub - denoted by light green on Vietnam war era maps.
Where going to take a walk in the light green.
Ie we will be patrolling through thick scrub.
by Anonymous May 12, 2003
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A game played between 2 people. One person puts their hand on the other person's leg and slides it up their leg, toward their genitals, until one of the players gets uncomfortable and stops the game. The object of the game is to see how close person 1 can get to person 2's genitals before someone gets uncomfortable.
Man: Dude, did you see those guys playing red light green light?
Dude: Oh hell yeah man, they went all the way up!
by StayingWoke258 September 8, 2017
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Light green like the beautiful nature in the morning sun after an rainy night. When being with her you feel like spring, she fills you with energy and lights up your day. Even after an dark night / time she brings light with her presence and shows you how beautiful life can be.
You are my light-green Emma <3
by iluvuemski December 12, 2021
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Light green like the skirt of an ferry. With this girl your life seems less heavy and it's like having your own wings, cause when being with her you forget all your problems and all things dragging you down disappear from your mind. Like an ferry she is a beautiful creature from in and out, she has to be protected at all costs.
Emma you are my light-green <3
by iluvuemski December 12, 2021
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