A horrible town in Iowa. "A touch of Holland" Better known as a touch of hell. Native Pellakins are often rude and cheap. Many native Pellakins also belong to one of several cults within the city limits. They disguise themselves as "reformed" churches, but in reallity they are cults. Slogan saying, "If you ain't dutch you ain't much." Festival in May that worships tulips, called Tulip Time. Two major businesses in town, Pella Corp. and Vermeer. A small college, Central is located in town as well.
I'm going to Pella, Iowa to buy a dutch letter.
by Tulip Van Vander Vanden February 23, 2009
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A name for a girl who’s pretty fun and has a great spirit though can be out of it and often tune out others but is a bit of a party girl and goes wild at night time and when she wants to show off
Pella is a lot of fun!
by Urban user 😜 March 13, 2018
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In response to a previous post
@ Tulip Van Vander Vanden

Pella is a small town of about 10,500 in Iowa. Pella has a strong Dutch and reformed heritage. A “Tulip Festival” is held on the first Thursday thru Saturday of every May to celebrate the Dutch traditions. The festival includes very unique customs such as street scrubbing, Dutch costumes, tulip flowers, Dutch dancing, parades and crafts. If visiting Pella be sure to enjoy the well known bakeries and meat markets to sample some of the Dutch flavors.

There are five main sources of employment and business in Pella including Vermeer, Pella Corporation, Central College, Wal-Mart and the community hospital. Pella’s “Central College” was founded in 1853 and is a private four-year liberal arts college affiliated with the Reformed Church in America.

This post is in response to a previous post made by “Tulip Van Vander Vanden”. Although there is some truth to what was posted I believe it unfairly paints Pella in a negative light. Pella has been my home for five years and the people here have been family to me. Pella is a beautiful and well maintained town. Although no community may be perfect it is a desirable and safe place to live and raise a family.
Central College's website & Pella's city website
by G_Q March 7, 2011
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A cross between a chicken and an eraser.
"Yo, my chicken is such a pella"
by Mitch September 5, 2003
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Short for Acapella, which is musicless vocals
"i recorded my pellas and sent them to the producer"
by Lance C August 6, 2007
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One of my friends, they’re the biggest stud I know and is irresistible to everyone except for me.
Lafrenard: Wow Michael Pella is the biggest stud in North-Western Ontario

Timbits: Yeah he’s massive

Morrow: yeah

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When a guy sings acapella
Because you sing cock-a-pella.
by DetroitisforLovers March 2, 2011
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