music that uses no instruments besides vocal ones. just voices harmonizing to create music
Bobby Mcferrins 80's hit don't worry be happy was an acapella song. no instruments were used besides his voice
by sahgducks June 30, 2005
Lyrics on its own with no music..
This record has an acapella, maybe i can record the vocals and make a bootleg from it!
by pRopS November 16, 2003
A cappella (Italian): like the chapel

Vocal music without instrumental accompaniment.
The band died when they cut power but Sid just sang acapella in the dark like he never heard them anyway.
by yogipete July 21, 2008
A cappella is an Italian phrase which means 'in the style of the chapel. ' It was originally used to refer to music that was sung in a chapel or small worship space without accompanying instruments, as opposed to a large church where vocal music was usually accompanied by an organ.
Fuck the beat, I go acapella
Fuck a papa doc, fuck a clock, fuck a trailer, fuck everybody
Fuck y'all if you doubt me
I'm a piece of fucking white trash, I say it proudly! - Eminem – 8 Mile: B-Rabbit vs Papa Doc.
by kam75xx February 21, 2020
who did his beat for the battle?

we went acapella
by kash-money-if March 13, 2005
An acapella is a genre of music consisting of either a singular person or a group (eg. pentatonix) who sings a certain song without music, sometimes creating their own music with talents like beatboxing.
Pentatonix: We just released a new acapella!
World: nobody fucking gives a damn, we're too busy remembering xxxtentacion (r.i.p brother)
by iBenqal June 26, 2018
A word used before harassing someone with homosexual bars in the freeform expression known as rapping.
This word is mainly used on anyone with the name Tim or Timothy.
"ACAPELLA! Tim said I was a nice dude, so I bought him some nice shoes, in the shoe box I left him lube, so he can get a nice mood.
by The true god of Acapella October 8, 2022