The name Vanden comes with the image of strength. He is a genuine person who is very caring and loving to not only people who personally know him but strangers alike! They are very talented and when they follow there passions they can exceed any expectations imaginable. Very fun loving and loyal person who is dedicated to his passions! When loved by a "Vanden" you can consider yourself a very fortunate and blessed person!
WOW-that's something Vanden would do!
by mandi jane hall November 29, 2011
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hey look that guys last name is vanden dungen. hes nice and spicyyy
by one spicccy boi with 3 c's December 3, 2019
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An awesome guy, can get every girl or boy he wants to fuck shitless.
Male: Omg, there walks Michiel Vanden Boer! I'm not gay but holy fuck..
by TDarkShadow June 8, 2017
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