this word has many meanings:

1- the spanish word of fart

2- spanish word that means when someone is drunk or drunk as hell

3- spanish word that is often use to salute someone

4- spanish word that means problem
1- "¿Quien se echo un pedo?" = "who have just farted?"

2-"Ese wey se puso bien pedo." = "That dude is drunk as hell"

3-"¿Que pedo?" = "Whats up?"

4- "Tengo un pedo con un cabron" = "I have a problem with a dude"
by Pytum August 25, 2007
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used when asking whether a girl is hot, but don't you wanna sound like a pedophile if she's underage
Red:dude your sister is so hot
Blue:dude, she's only 16
Red: no pedo
by Logan-943 May 17, 2009
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pedophiles are pedos.
One strike law! Protect our children! One strike and your out!
by you abused me January 31, 2007
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Any person who disagrees with the "messiah", Elongated Musket.
Man: there's no way that dildo sub would have ever worked
Musk: come fight me pedo
by thelegendofsql September 1, 2018
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Short for no pedophile, normally used after someone says something pedophilistic
Yo, there's only one reason I watch ICarly, that Carly bitch is fine...No Pedo
by Wolf-Pac July 11, 2008
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To creep; to look at sexually; To creepily stare in awe
The lonely old man was pedoing at the swimsuit models in Miami.

The student was pedoing when his crush walked by
by swegmaster September 17, 2013
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The act of being best friends with a person while having an affair with his or her husband or wife and not admitting it.
My boy is in the act of pedoing with this chic down the block.
by heyhayhey March 18, 2010
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