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Mexican slang phrase that is commonly used to greet (often combined with güey, which is derived from buey) or to question.
Greeting: sp - "Que pedo güey!" en - "What's up, dude."

Questioning: sp - "Que pedo trais ahi?" "Que pedo es ese?" en - "What do you have there?" "What is that?"
by quetzalcoatl69 May 09, 2006
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Pedo: Literally meaning fart but, Mexicans use it as word for: problem, fight or argument.
Que pedo? : What's the problem? Or What's up?
Wey! Que pedo? : Dude! What's up?
by xoaqin January 01, 2005
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spanish for whats up, translates "what farts"? origanally from honduras, used in slang.

(significa "que hay de nuevo" normalmente usado en lengua bulgar)
hay man que pedo? que hicistes hayer?
(english: hay dude, whats up what did you do yesterday)
by none85 April 24, 2005
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