When you're sexually attracted to little kids. It's a sickness and if you have this disease get help quick. You can end up in jail if you don't.
I'll be in jail for being a pedo if I don't get help.
by SalvatoreVitale July 10, 2008
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The name for an indivudal, usually black, who frequently boasts about his recent accomplishments, and constantly claims to have seen people in the news in the night before.
Skeeter-"Hey Malcolm, I saw you in the news last night-the police were looking for you"
Malcolm-"Skeeter is such a pedo"

A Pedo- "Last Night I beat up ten guys back in the hood-then I stole their money an bought me a sandwich or something."
by Robin Robertson June 06, 2007
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Guy - hey who fucked the 6 yr old Aisha??

muslim - Muhammad (pedo be upon him)
{goes on to behead the guy and then blows himself up}
by vindic April 27, 2010
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the Pervs with Eensy-weensy Dicks Organization (P.E.D.O). An adjective to describe a group of teenage boys who constantly ask girls for nudes and give off "Small Dick Energy". In other words, SnapChat Fuckboys.
Emma: "Damm this dude keeps asking me for nudess.....ugh!"
Jasmine: "Ew, Matt is such a P.E.D.O, you have got to block him."
by Gary the SNAIL is a SOB March 21, 2021
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