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Your general scent; A male’s natural odor
Damn this chick is totally feeling my musk right now.

Oops i forgot to shower, hope no one is bothered by my musk!
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by threetipsin June 15, 2018
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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Though technically the name for the secretion of the male musk deer, musk is most often used as the name for the scent of arousal in both men and women, as actual musk is used in perfumes and colognes.

Generally causes arousal for both genders, as it is a secondary sex characteristic.
The smell of her musk was quite enticing, causing a swell of lust in her partner.
by Myriad Personalities. November 04, 2009
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The aroma left after man sex.
We could tell by the musk in the room that steve and justin had been going at it.
by Canadian November 08, 2003
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"Musk" originates from "muskrat". It was originally used to describe overly aggressive use of the mouth in sexual acts, such as biting.
Musk has now expanded to mean going hard on anyone or anything. Much like "going HAM", musk is a state of mind. To musk is to fully rip into the situation and go 110%.
One can either go musk, musk on, or simply musk, depending on context.
Musk can also be interchanged with virtually any lyric in popular music to create a musk anthem.
"Yo bro, I haven't been able to drink for two weeks cause of my antibiotics. We gotta musk the shit out of tonight to make up for lost time."

"If you're going to pay $1500 to go on Spring break, you better be musking THE hardest"

"Last night I totally went musk on John. I can't remember the last time we had such crazy sex"

"Musk so hard muskafuckas wanna musk me"
by The Muskrat March 30, 2012
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a. A sent that comes from a deers "glands" (aka butt)
b. Scent used in perfume
by muskman June 15, 2005
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