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The act of using Peanut Butter on your penis when you have a peanut allergy to enhance sexual performance. The allergic reaction increases rigidity, girth and length of one's member. Using creamy peanut butter can result in a positive side effect of increased lubrication during sexual interactions.
Remember, Choosy Moms Choose Jiffy Dick.

Not wanting to miss-out on a hookup with the cure co-worker from HR, John engaged in some Peanut Buttering to make sure he could perform.
by dnahly March 08, 2018
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The act of using peanut butter as lube in sexual interactions. So when you cum, peanut butter could come out.
Have you ever peanut buttered someone?

I was peanut buttering her last night bro.
by Thelagend27 May 04, 2018
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