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A television station, usually channel 2, with educational programs and the occasional kid's cartoon.
I was on PBS because they filmed my English class.
by Really Bad Poetry April 10, 2005
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Ugly greek theatre nerd masquerading as a "rocker dude" on American Idol. Wears too-small leather jackets, strategically ripped jeans and an onyx ring. Has zero singing talent but his staring and "eyefucking" the camera makes you forget that.
Don't vote for Constantine Maroulis. He has neck fat, a butt chin, and he doesn't wash his hair
by Really Bad Poetry April 10, 2005
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Lies and fabricated truths spread to sway public opinion.
The "non-fiction real life journal of a teenage girl", "Go Ask Alice" is anti-drug propaganda, as the author who claimed to have found the book wrote it herself.
by Really Bad Poetry April 10, 2005
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A childrens' show on WBGH/PBS about two Spanish children who transport themselves into Dragon Land or some shit.
Ugly Kid With Burnt Face in my Homeroom: -turns on TV and puts on PBS, and then talks in an undescribable Khmer accent- EYY DRAGON TALES!

Rest of Homeroom: wtf
by Really Bad Poetry April 10, 2005
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Ugly character on Degrassi, face covered in moles. He's new and he had a crush on Manny Manstealer his first episode. He is romantically linked to Darcy, the cute cheerleader, and it seems as though he has a crush on Emma Nelson, an environmentalist who enjoys giving oral sex to Jay and being a vegetarian (just not when she's in the van with Jay.) She's riddled with gonhorrhea.
Selena: HAHAHA! Let's watch that part again, Chester's face makes me laugh.


I'm your mole behind enemy lines.
by Really Bad Poetry April 10, 2005
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SHITTY SHITTY smelling little fertilizer looking shit in a little can that looks like cat food. It makes the room STANK.
Christa walked into the homeroom and covered her nose with her sleeve, eyes watering. She glanced at the California Scents can on the teacher's desk and whined as it was labeled "Lasts 60 Days!"
by Really Bad Poetry April 10, 2005
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The best band ever with the best albums ever. Fronted by Adam Duritz.
Perfect blue buildings
Beside the green apple seas
Oh, I wanna get me a little oblivion
Trying to keep myself
Away from myself and me
Oh, little perfect blue building
I can't keep myself away from me
Oh, little perfect blue building
by Really Bad Poetry April 16, 2005
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