compliment meaning good, smooth, impressive, etc.
You buttah baby
by Ebylox September 17, 2003
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someone who is pretty or very good looking with a good lifestyle. only new yorkers know this😭
*an ugly girl takes a snap* her “friends”: yeooo you think you buttah?
by Coconut spoiled milk November 7, 2019
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When a shot is made in basketball.
*buzzer* Laurel takes the 3-pointer and makes it. "Buttah"
by Katrina Tamica February 21, 2007
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Pretty famous in Harry Potter fandom. Buttah is the LJer everyone wants to be best friends with. She used to own wnadless magic and now she owns veritaserum.
Wow buttah has like 700 comments on her friends only post.
by Fan November 14, 2004
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Quickly and liberally applying butter to three pieces of toast.
Holding three pieces of toast in hands, or on plate, "Buttah Buttah Buttah!"
by Mo Shangles January 31, 2003
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Buttas is another term for timbs, timbs is short for timberlands, which is usually New York or Philadelphia slang.
Quan: Yo G, you got on some nice ass buttahs

G: Yeah I know, I gotta look fresh with the buttahs on my feet.
by Supasillynasty March 9, 2019
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